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Birth is safe. Interference is risky.
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We Believe...

  • Pregnancy and birth are normal parts of life.
  • The safest option for the great majority of women is low intervention prenatal care and unhindered birth.
  • Every woman has the right to choose how she needs to birth.
  • A mother is the most qualified to know what is safest for her birth and her baby.
  • In the mother's right to choose her own care providers.
  • A care provider's main job is encouraging each mother to follow her instincts.
  • A woman's instincts and intuition play an important role in prenatal care.
  • Any attempt to control or alter the birthing process is potentially dangerous.
  • Each intervention carries risks and they should be used rarely and judiciously.
  • Women's bodies are designed to birth.
  • Babies are meant to be born at home.

    If you agree with these statements, then this is the community for you! Whether you have had a homebirth, are planning one, are a homebirth supporter, or are just interested in learning more, feel free to join, share your story, and participate in discussion.

    We support both midwife-attended and unassisted homebirth. We are also pro-breastfeeding, supportive of natural family living, and in favor of attachment parenting. Feel free to post about any of these things. Everything relating to a woman's cycle is welcome, too: trying to conceive, miscarriage, or your menstrual cycle.

    Birth is as safe as life gets

  • While you are welcome to read if you aren't planning a homebirth, this community is not the place to share stories of planned hospital or birth center births, or stories of highly interventive prenatal care.

  • Interventions should never be presented as needed in every case. Talk of interventions--whether during pregnancy or birth--is acceptable if it's meant to open up discussion or intended for comparison's sake. Please put all talk of interventions behind a cut, with a simple explanation of the reason for the cut.

  • Birth horror stories or suggestions that homebirth is generally unsafe are not permitted in this community. Open discussion of the risks in specific situations are welcomed and encouraged, as long as it is respectful and supportive discussion.

  • Please do not post asking for natural induction methods. These are interventions, natural or not, and we don't support it in anything other than the most emergent circumstances. Going past 42 weeks is not considered emergent here.

  • Please share your homebirth stories and homebirth videos! Emergency transfers (of planned homebirths) and surprise UCs are welcome, too. Please remember to put any interventions behind a cut.

  • We understand that not all births go as planned. Situations necessitating a change of birth plan or location may arise during a pregnancy or emergent situations may occur during birth. Active community members who were planning a homebirth, but whose situation necessitated birth within a hospital setting (such as placenta previa or abruption), are welcome to discuss their situation or share their birth stories behind a cut.

    Community Rules and Policies

    By joining this community, you are agreeing to follow these community rules:

  • No deleting, freezing, or screening posts or comments. If you have a problem with comments left by other community members, contact mods using the hb_mods journal. Own your words!

  • There's no such thing as TMI in a community about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, but remember that many women in this community do have situations (such as work) where certain topics may not be appropriate. If you think your post might be questionable for a professional environment, simply put it under a cut with a warning.

  • If you have doubts about your post's subject matter, contact the mods before posting. Please do not begin posts with "mods please delete if this isn't allowed" -- if you aren't sure a post belongs in this community, ask first.

  • Be considerate of those who have slower connection speeds. Post all pictures under a cut.

  • Treat all community members with respect. Disagree with them, share sources, links, information, and opinions with them, but be respectful. Speak to them as you would want them to speak to you. No name-calling or mud-slinging. No trolling of members' journals. Behave yourselves, act with decorum, and comport yourselves with dignity.

  • Please do NOT post an intro when you join the community. We have a community Member List where you can post your introduction instead. This will keep the community streamlined and also serve as a way to keep up with your fellow members' pertinent information. You might find the midwife, doula, lactation consultant, or due date buddy you're looking for right there in the Member List!

  • The Internet cannot determine if you are pregnant. When in doubt, take a test instead of posting to this community asking us if we think you're pregnant. Most dollar stores sell reliable, cheap pregnancy tests. While FAM signs and conception are appropriate topics for discussion for this community, "Am I pregnant?" posts without any other community-relevant content will be deleted.

    When joining this community, please read our expanded community rules. We also recommend reading the welcome post, which explains more about this community and the topics discussed here.

    Your mods are isarma, muirichinnahali, raving_liberal, and theretohere. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at hb_mods.

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